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New Items October 15, 2018

Lone Pine Portland Pale Ale!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 02109  $60.00

Our flagship pale ale carries a bright, clean body, with stone fruit and ripe citrus flavors from heavy late addition hopping.  (5.2%)


6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 02111 $78.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 02102  $120.00
Our 100% mosaic hopped Double IPA stands bright, but with a strikingly soft and rounded mouthfeel. Heavy whirlpool & dry hop additions showcase the complex mosaic hop aromatics of blueberry, mango, and juicy, overripe peach.  (8.1%)

New from Baxter: Pinot Brune!

4/6 Packs Item # 43431  $44.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 43428  $100.00

½ Bbls Item # 43429  $215.00

For this foray into the flavor frontier, Baxter looked deep into the interior of France for inspiration. We conceptually merged the complex reddish brown sour ales brewed in Flanders with the light and fresh profiles of red wines from the Loire and Burgundy regions. The result is a medium bodied, ruby hued brown ale with subdued malty notes, contrasted by the tartness produced through kettle souring and the bright fruit notes from the fermentation of Pinot noir grapes, black currants, and cherries.  (6.5%)

Rhinegeist Crash Rotating Power Pale Ale

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 03957  $31.50

1/6 Bbl Item # 03955  $85.00

½ Bbl Item # 03956  $165.00

An explosively hoppy Pale Ale, Crash combines potent aromatics of Azacca, Equinox and Cascade hops to combust with tropicality, citrus, peach, tangelo and papaya - a kinetic & delicious hop explosion.  (5.4%)

Moat Limited Release:  Bone Shaker Brown Ale!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 02017  $47.00

An English-style brown ale with a smooth, biscuit-like malt body, balanced bitterness and semi dry finish.  Both the aroma and taste have notes of toasty grains, nuts, and soft caramel.  (5.4%)

Narragansett Limited Release:  Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout!

4/6 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 28742  $30.70  ($1.70 off 3 cases)

Since the 1890’s, Narragansett Beer and Autocrat Coffee have been home-grown Rhode Island favorites. This beer is a unique collaboration that brings together Narragansett’s bittersweet Milk Stout with dark, delicious Autocrat Coffee.  A smooth stout with robust roasted coffee aroma and bittersweet coffee flavor. Notes of toffee, dark chocolate, and roasted barley.  (5.3%)

Paulaner Limited Release:  Oktoberfest Wiesn!

4/6 Packs Item # 41406  $32.99

Brewed once a year, and only available while supplies last, Oktoberfest Wiesn is the pinnacle of German brewing: deep golden color, full-bodied and wonderfully mellow, with a balanced harmonious taste and the pleasant fragrance of hops. At 6% ABV, it is stronger and bolder that the usual lager.


NEW from Shiner! 

Wicked Juicy IPA

¼ Bbls Item # 35858  $84.00

The juicy IPA is wicked in all the right ways.  It’s dry hopped, unfiltered and bursting with Citra hops for a bright, juicy kick.  The result is a deliciously hazy brew that’s just waiting to be popped open.  (5.7%)

Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter is IN!

½ Bbls Item # 29602  $140.00

Beloved Dunkin’ coffee brings robust, roasty notes to this balanced and smooth coffee porter. This porter is our tribute to all the days that Dunkin’ has helped us fire up the brew kettle. (6%)

New Items October 8, 2018

Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter is IN!

4/6 Packs Item # 29604  $29.70

($1.00 off 10 cases)

Beloved Dunkin’ coffee brings robust, roasty notes to this balanced and smooth coffee porter. This porter is our tribute to all the days that Dunkin’ has helped us fire up the brew kettle. (6%)

From our LOCAL Beverly brewery:

Old Planters Thousand Acre is in!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 49852  $54.00

Our Thousand Acre IPA is an intensely dry hopped wheat ale saturated with aromas of grassy, citrus, and pine hops. Layers of hop flavor and a light malty sweetness give way to a dry finish with a crisp bitter bite.  (7.2%)

Youk’s Beer is in!  

The brews from former Red Sox player

(and he’s Tom Brady’s brother-in-law, talk about Boston roots!)

APPEASEMENT  6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans $58.50

IPA American style India pale ale with blueberry notes and stone fruit hop flavors. ABV: 7.0%

GREEK GOD OF HOPS  6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans $67.50

Double IPA Big double IPA with floral, pine, and lemon hop aroma and a dry, bitter finish. ABV: 9%


6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 51407  $67.50

Introducing the first Double IPA to come your way from the OCB Crew!

Head Charge DIPA features an enlightened state of haze and hops; brewed with a bunch of 2-row and oats to deliver the hazy body that has the kids going crazy these days.  Robbie and crew dropped around three pounds of hops per barrel into the cold side, which, when you add it all up, ends up being a crazy amount of green designed to send the lupulin aromas straight through your senses. (8%)

NEW: Peak Sweet Tart Cranberry!

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 21407  $32.50

Sweet Tart Cranberry marries tangy, bright cranberry with a touch of sour that is entirely refreshing.  We use local Cape Cod cranberries that really shine, and deliver a rose’-like effervescence that leaves your taste buds singing. Sweet Tart Cranberry hits you with the right amount of flavor in a perfectly light body. Enjoy!  (4.6%)


Ballast Point Victory at Sea!

4/6 Packs Item # 05657  $42.00


Our Ballast Point Victory at Sea Imperial Porter is a bold, smooth brew with just the right amount of sweetness. We infused this robust porter with vanilla and San Diego’s own Caffe Calabria coffee beans. The subtle roasted notes and minimal acidity of the cold brewed coffee, balances perfectly with the sweet caramel undertones of the malt, creating a winning combination for your palate. (10%)

Ballast Point Peanut Butter Victory at Sea!

4/6 Packs Item # 05712  $42.00

Smooth peanut butter meets dark coffee in this roasty porter. This Peanut Butter Victory at Sea is a nutty version of our popular imperial porter. We took our trademark robust porter brewed with Caffè Calabria coffee and vanilla and added peanut butter, adding another level to this roasty, flavorful beer.  (10%)


Limited Release Package:  Miller High Life 7oz!

4/6 Packs 7oz bottles Item # 01518  $14.70 (only 30 in stock)

A favorite among bartenders, brewers, and beer lovers in general, Miller High Life was launched as Miller Brewing Company’s flagship beer in 1903. Its crisp, easy-drinking flavor is the epitome of the American lager category. True to its original recipe, it’s brewed with a proprietary blend of malted barley, Galena hops from the Pacific Northwest, and Miller yeast.  (4.6%)           UPC:  0 34100 01641 8  


NEW!  Pabst Blue Ribbon Easy!

4/6 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 28423  $18.65

2/12 Pack Cans Item # 28424  $16.79

A highly sessionable, affordable light beer with a crisp, fresh flavor.  (3.8%)

New Items Oct 1, 2018


Vienna Style Lager!

4/6 Packs Item # 44446  $34.50

St Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Ma, is home to a community of Trappist monks and the first American Trappist brewery.  Following the Benedictine tradition of ora et labora (prayer and work)., The monks pursue a simple life of contemplative prayer, manual labor and hospitality. The brewery helps support the monks and their charitable outreach.  

An authentic Vienna Lager, with characteristic red-abler hues, moderate carbonation, delicate malt notes and complex toastiness, this Spencer closes with a dry, crisp finish. (5.5%)

New from Ballast Point: White Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Wench!

6/4 Packs Item # 05713  $67.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 05714  $195.00

This pretty lady will make you pucker. Ballast Point is kicking off a new Trade Street Collection with a barrel-aged version of award-winning sour, introducing a new White Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Wench available nationwide.

The innovative new brew is a seven percent-ABV ale with blackberries aged in chardonnay and sauvignon blanc barrels. After resting in both wine barrels for more than six months, White Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Wench emerges with aromas of freshly sliced white peach, citrus, woody oak tannins and rich vanilla. With every sip, beer drinkers will taste hints of crushed berries and ripe apricots with a buttery smoothness from the chardonnay barrels followed by a dry finish from the sauvignon cask. Easy-drinking for a barrel-aged beer, it’s tart, refreshing, and delightfully smooth.

Ballast Point Director of Barrel Aging Steve Anderson said the goal with the beer was to add complexity while maintaining the flavor profile of Sour Wench, which won a 2017 Silver medal in the nation’s largest beer festival and competition.

“With barrel aging, we’re giving tribute to three different attributes – the oak barrels, the wine that was in them before and the base beer,” said Anderson. “The blend that’s in the White Wine Barrel Aged Sour Wench bottles is a really nice layering of both the beer and the wine barrels, making it more complex and an amazing end product.”


Local Mass Cidery Bantam Limited Release:  Papi Chulo!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 73044  $60.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 73033  $125.00

Semi-Dry & Slightly Spicy

Hold on to the last days of summer with Papi Chulo. Fresh pressed New England apples blended with dark Vermont maple syrup and finished with dried chilies. (5.8%)

New!  Corona Familiar!

4/6 Packs Item # 35315  $31.30

2/12 Packs Item # 35330  $31.50 ($5.05 off 10 cases)

Corona Familiar tastes like Corona Extra , but with a richer flavor. Corona Familiar is a bright golden-colored lager beer with a clean, refreshing taste finished with a delicate hop bitterness.  (6%)

Castle Island Wins Big at the Great American Beer Festival®


Norwood, MA – Coming off a recent gold medal win for American Lager at the U.S. Open Beer Championship, just two months later Castle Island Brewing Co. (CIBC) celebrates another victory at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival® (GABF®). CIBC took home the silver medal in the American-Style Lager or American-Style Malt Liquor category at the Brewers Association’s annual GABF, one of the largest commercial beer competitions in the world.

CIBC was recognized at the festival’s ceremony which was held on September 22nd at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. An international panel of 293 expert judges tasted through 8,496 entries that spanned 102 beer-style categories. CIBC’s silver medal win in the American-Style Lager or American-Style Malt Liquor category saw 65 entrants.  

American Lager is a staple at the Norwood taproom and can be found in bars, restaurants, and at retailers throughout Massachusetts. This easy-drinking beer comes in at 5.2% ABV, emanates a light gold glow, and smells of biscuit and wheat with notes of light malt sweetness, subtle stone fruit, and an undercurrent of earthy, herbal notes. It finishes semi-dry in large part to the Czech yeast utilized in fermentation.

The CIBC team is extremely honored to accept this recognition at a national level. Head Brewer, Matt DeLuca, reflects on what this means for the brewery, “I’m incredibly proud of our production team and this award is a testament to their professionalism and hard work, day in and day out. We’ll enjoy this one for sure, but we’re already looking forward to the next one.”

Adam Romanow, company President & Founder, continues the sentiment, “We’re all super pumped to celebrate not one but two monster victories for Lager this year. We’ve always had a soft spot for this beer, but bringing home medals for this beer magnifies our Lager love and helps to put the brand on the map.”

American Lager made its debut in early March 2017 and has become a core brand at the brewery and taproom with the help of five additional 60BBL fermenters that were installed in early 2018. The new equipment alleviated some capacity constraints allowing for American Lager to become a mainstay in CIBC’s lineup. This silver medal win at GABF in the American-Style Lager or American-Style Malt Liquor category has only further solidified its place in the brewery’s portfolio.

If curious folks are not able to make it down to CIBC’s taproom and retail store, then the closest location to purchase six-packs of these 16-ounce blue, white, and gold cans as well as American Lager on draft can be found here:

Castle Island Brewing:  Castle Island is dedicated to crafting the highest quality beer with purpose and without pretense. With a focus on American-style ales and lagers, we make offerings that are both unique and approachable. You can find our beer throughout Massachusetts in cans and on draft, as well as at our Norwood brewery and taproom.

New Items Sept 24, 2018

Revolution Limited Release:  Double Dry-Hopped Citra Hero!  (only 30 avail.)

4/6 Pack Cans Item #  44626  $45.50

1/6 Bbls Item # 44625  $135.00

Citra-Hero is amping up the intensity with a new concept suit fueled by the dynamic Type-45 Citra hop. Reduced plant matter triggers more essential hop oils, further accelerating her citrusy impact. Two rounds of dry hops unleash a staggering 5 pounds of Citra, Simcoe, and Kohatu per barrel, triggering an explosive amount of melon, berry, and tropical fruit flavors. 

Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter Cans!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 25766  $58.00

Smooth porter flavors with sweet roast and rich nutty notes resulted. Genghis Pecan, after attacking beer thieving turkeys for 3 years in a row, has now achieved ultimate victory. He reclines eating pie, sipping a cup of coffee under autumn leaves Genghis we salute your valiant Mongolian spirit!

Local Clown Shoes Limited Release:  The Exorcism of Rich Ackerman!

12/22 oz Item # 25764  $115.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 25765  $200.00

American Imperial Stout with coffee, vanilla beans and cacao nibs added.  Bourbon barrel aged.  (11.5%)

Two Roads Limited Release: 

Plum Gose!

6/4 Packs Item # 03792  $55.50

1/6 Bbls Item # 03793  $85.00

From the Tanker Truck Sour Series:  Contemporary gose brewed with Italian plums. Sea salt brine mingled with stone fruit flavors.  (4.5%) 

Limited Release from Foolproof!

Peanut Butter Raincloud Porter!

6/4 Packs Item # 39535  $44.50

1/6 Bbls Item # 39536  $79.00

½ Bbls Item # 39537  $175.00

Sometimes the rain can drive you nuts, so you might as well have some in your beer. With that, we are proud to introduce Peanut Butter Raincloud, a unique and flavorful adaptation of our popular Raincloud robust porter. Raise a glass to the miracle that is peanut butter porter.  (5.4%)

Boulevard Limited Release:  Tart Apple Radler!

4/6 Packs Item #  09521  $32.25  (only 10 cases avail.)

 Tart Apple Radler is a zesty, refreshing take on the tradition of mixing beer with soda or lemonade to create a light, thirst-quenching beverage ideal for warm weather. Radler (literally “cyclist,”) takes its name from active German sportsmen of a hundred years ago, but our version tastes just as good even if you do nothing more strenuous than lifting it to your lips.  (4.1%)

New Items September 17, 2018

Castle Island Festbier!

1/6 Bbls Item # 03876  $75.00

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item #  03908  $49.00

Festbier is our heart-warming welcome to a season filled with cool crisp air, rich amber hues, and the almighty tailgate party. Floral hops and a light, nutty backbone are gently balanced to create a beer worthy of any celebration, so grab a pint and raise a toast to Festbier season. Prost!  (4.6%)

Seasonal From Local Mass Brewer Harpoon!

Flannel Friday!

1/6 Bbls Item # 27500  $68.00

½ Bbls Item # 27506  $140.00

This Hoppy Amber Ale is our tribute to the quintessential season of change. A bright hop aroma from late hop additions plays with its strong malt backbone. Amber hued, medium bodied, with hints of citrus and pine, this ale is made for the crisp days (and nights) of fall.  (5.7%)

Grimm Afterimage Double IPA!

1/6 Bbls Item # 43668  $130.00

Juicy, juicy, juicy. Hazy orange, soft carbonation, plush fruity aromas. Immense mango, marmalade, pine, honeysuckle, and lemon flavors. Smack dab in between Lambo and Tesseract on the sweet-to-dry spectrum. Just a hint of bitterness.  (8%)

Harpoon Octoberfest

4/6 Packs Item # 27503  $28.70

2/12 Pack Cans Item # 27505  $28.70  ($2.00 off 5, $3.50 off 15, $4 off 25)

Harpoon Octoberfest is a malty tribute to fall, balanced by a gentle hop bitterness.  In keeping with tradition, it is a Marzen-style beer, brewed with abundant quantities of Munich, Chocolate, and Pale malts. Those malts provide a solid, full body and create the beer’s deep color.  It is a rich, flavorful beer.  (4..2%)

Red’s Variety Packs!

2/15 Pack Cans Item # 04548  $28.70  ($2.70 off 5 cases)

Featuring Black Cherry, Original and Cranberry!

New Items September 10, 2018

New Package!  Portland’s Rising Tide Zephyr!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 44357  $54.00


Zephyr (n)—a westerly breeze or wind, considered by many to be the fairest of wind direction.

Refreshing like a westerly breeze, Zephyr is a pleasantly balanced IPA with waves of citrus. A modern classic.


NEW!  Rising Tide Oktoberfest!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 43801  $50.00


Complex and malty while still being dry and crisp, our Märzen-style lager is a celebration of the crisp weather of autumn. Prost!  (5.7%)

NEW!  Moat Mountain Opa’s Oktoberfest!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 02016  $47.00

A German-style lager of course!  Amber in color, the nose has mild sweetness, toasted bread, dried grass and faint spices. Taste is smooth and slightly crisp with medium body and endearing toasted malt. Hints of biscuit and nuts, herbal hop and spice lead into balanced bitterness and a clean, semi-dry finish. Prost!  (5.2%)


New!  Switchback MÄRZEN FEST BIER!

4/6 Packs Item # 54408  $31.00

Märzen (“Maer-tsen”), our first lager, is made in the traditional fest beer style. Often called Oktoberfest Lagers, these rich fest beers are great for any festive occasion. Switchback’s Märzen is wonderfully malty with a balanced and crisp hop character. Our Märzen is aged six full weeks using a traditional lagering process. Following in that tradition, the beer is naturally conditioned, using the yeast to create carbonation in the aging tank. Going through a slow, multi-step fermentation process allows this beer to highlight the best characteristics of a lager. It is all about the malt and the hops, with the yeast staying in the background flavor-wise, keeping the beer exceptionally clean, crisp, and refreshing. Like all Switchback beers, Märzen is not filtered. The clarity is from the long aging process, whereby the cloudiness has slowly settled out of the beer.  (5.2%)  

Brewmaster Jack Trail by Combat

6/4 Packs Item # 11375  $66.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 11378  $95.00

Trial by Combat is a double India pale ale brewed with passionfruit juice. A high percentage of malted wheat provides a delicate, smooth mouthfeel. The passionfruit juice acts to complement the intense citrus flavors of the Citra, Motueka, and Amarillo hops. (8%)

Our LOCAL Salem Cidery Limited Release!  Rickey!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 79035  $76.00

Semi-Sweet; cherry and lime cider.  (7%)

Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale

4/6 Packs Item # 13516  $28.70

2/12 Packs Item # 13520  $28.70  ($3.50 off 8 cases, $4.50 off 16, $5 off 32)

In 1995, we crafted our first autumn seasonal—Pumpkin Ale. At the time, Oktoberfest beers were in high demand. For our version, we wanted to create a beer that was a little different than what was already out there and complemented the season by highlighting the flavors we’ve all grown to love during this time. It was so popular that it became the first nationally available pumpkin ale. Harvest Pumpkin Wheat, as it’s called now, is crafted with pumpkin and spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice for a taste you’ll want to fall right into.  (5.7%)

Flower Power India Pale Ale – 12 Packs!!

2/12 Packs Item # 58802  $34.50  ($4 off 5 cases)

Recognized in a list of “The 25 Most Important American Craft Beers Ever Brewed” by a panel of experts at Food & Wine magazine!

Enjoy the clover honey hue and tropical nose of our celebrated flagship ale. Flower Power is simultaneously punchy and soothing with a big body and a finish that boasts pineapple and grapefruit. We hop and dry hop Flower Power four different times throughout the brewing process for a powerful floral hop experience. Rated the best IPA in New York State, Flower Power is highly regarded among the most discerning hop heads.  UPC:  6 06905 00850 1  

HOPS Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade, Ahtanum  DRY HOPS Chinook, Simcoe, Amarillo
MALTS Pale, Honey  ABV 7.2%

From our LOCAL Salem Brewery!  Notch Slanted & Enchanted!

½ Bbls Item # 33802  $175.00

I’ll let the Man himself describe the brew!  Chris Lohring!


Slanted & Enchanted displays all the classic elements of a German pale lager, yet with a dry hopping of newer German varieties Hallertau Blanc, Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon. It also says Grüngeist on the label, but we were not happy with the current crop, so that will return later this year as part of the hop blend. We took advantage of our brewhouse capabilities and performed a single decoction for a great malt structure. Natural carbonation is created through “spunding” and helps build a beautiful lace, while the hops hit you with grape, peach and citrus. It’s what a loyal Zwickel drinker would reach for when they want some additional hop character (that would be me) without all the interference an ale yeast can bring. It’s not an IPL, it’s a hoppy lager. 

I love this beer and hope you do too. We went through multiple recipe and process iterations to get it right, and that’s part of the reason we stopped making it last year. Initially brewed at our Salem brewery in 2016, we were to scale this up at one of our contract partners in 2017, but we had a difficult time doing that. Instead, we stopped producing it while further testing process and recipes in Salem for feedback from the Tap Room. I’m thrilled with the result and happy to be canning this monthly in Salem. It was not a planned path, but that’s a bit of Notch’s DNA.

Author - Chris

New Items August 27, 2018

NEW from Switchback!  CANS!!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 54411  $46.50

Unfiltered and 100% Naturally Carbonated

Switchback Ale was developed as a flavor concept, not adhering to any style guidelines. Using only traditional ingredients, Switchback Ale is an unfiltered, reddish-amber ale which is particularly well-balanced, allowing for complexity of flavor coupled with an unusually smooth and refreshing character. Five different malts, select hop varieties, and our own specially cultivated yeast create an ale which leads with hop flavors and a subtle impression of fruit (our yeast’s contribution), followed by a palate pleasing malty finish. (5%)


Rising Tide Limited Release:  Chebeague Island IPA!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item #  44262  $54.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 44263  $105.00

Chebeague Island [she-big] (n) — the largest island in Casco Bay. Originally prized as a fishing ground by the local Abenaki people, now home to a vibrant year-round and summer community.

Pleasantly sweet and smooth with a big melon, stone fruit, and tropical fruit character.  (6.5%)

Rhinegeist Franz Oktoberfest

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 03963  $31.50 

1/6 Bbls Item #  03918  $85.00

Franz is our Oktoberfest Ale first released back in 2013, our founding year. The character behind Franz, like the beer, is a spin on the traditional. He is a Bavarian dreamer, a hiker of the Alps, a skinny, no-shirt-wearing, lederhosen-laden, trend-bucking, idea man, ready to pump you up. (5.4%)

NEW Seasonal From Baxter:  Ryepen!

4/6 Packs Item $ 43525  $32.25

1/6 Bbls Item #  43500  $71.00

½ Bbls Item #  43506  $161.00

From the abundance of our agricultural harvests to the changing of the leaves, fall is arguably the most magical season in Maine. For Ryepen, we took inspiration from the apple orchards that surround our community and its rich French heritage and crafted this homage to the dry ciders of French Normandy and the farmhouse ales of Belgian Wallonia. The rich rye-centric malts are balanced by the tart and complex cider apples and harmonized as a whole with deep aromatics from the farmhouse yeast and mulling spices. From the brilliant and warm afternoons of an Indian Summer to the crisp and cold sweater weather late in the season, this unique beer speaks to the perfection of Fall in Maine.

Long Trail Harvest

4/6 Packs Item # 48715  $28.70

1/6 Bbls Item # 47406  $69.50  

The culmination of a long growing season, the autumn harvest comes once a year. They mark the end of summer with the release their seasonal brown ale, Harvest. Vermont maple syrup added during the brewing process yields a lasting sweetness on the palate that’s guaranteed to warm your soul.  Raise a glass and enjoy the spirit of the season. Pairs well with wood-splitting, leaf-raking and pumpkin carving. (4.4%)


Long Trail Fall Survival Pack!

2/12 Packs Item # 48822  $28.70  ($4.50 off 5, $5.50 off 15, $6.50 off 25)

Two Roads Ok2berfest

6/4 Packs 16oz CANS Item # 03699  $38.00

Modeled after the classic “Marzenbier,“ Oktoberfest style that was traditionally the beer served at the Munich Oktoberfest. It possesses a smooth, toasty malt profile with a crisp character of traditional German hops.   (5.8%)


New Collaboration Seasonal from Otter Creek:  Oktoberfest!

4/6 Pack CANs Item # 51720  $29.70

  1/6 Bbls Item # 51718  $75.00

INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION!  The OCB Crew is stoked to bring you on a transcontinental trip through friendship and fermentation. Created in collaboration with our buds at Camba Bavaria, this Oktoberfest lager is inspired by Germany’s annual seasonal celebration.  Located just outside Munich, Camba Bavaria is the pilot brewing component of brewing plant manufacturer BrauKon, who we first met in 2016 when we added one of their state-of-the-art, 120-barrel systems to our Middlebury digs. Inspired by the classic style, Oktoberfest features German malts and a healthy dose of traditional German noble hops to build a recipe combining a toasty malt presence with the doughy, earthy aromatics of late-addition hops.  (5.5%)

Just in from our Local Clown Shoes Brewery:  OctoFest!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 25757  $45.00

In true Clown Shoes fashion, we’re bringing you an unorthodox, yet traditional Fest Bier to welcome in fall.  Enjoy the tantalizing flavors that late additions of Sterling and Huell melon hops provide on the fun, crisp malt base.  (5.5%)

Boulevard Limited Release:  Tough Kitty Milk Stout!

4/6 Packs Item # 09392  $32.25

Tough Kitty Milk Stout features layers of caramel and chocolate malt complexity provided by Cara 120, Cara 300 and Patagonia Black Pearl. The addition of rolled oats in the mash tun and lactose, commonly referred to as milk sugar, in the wort kettle lend a round, silky mouthfeel to the beer. Subtle hopping with Bravo and Cascade creates just enough bitterness to prevent the beer from being overly cloying. Deep black in color, Tough Kitty opens with aromas of bittersweet chocolate, espresso and toffee that transition to flavors of the same. The addition of lactose, a non-fermentable sugar, works with the rolled oats to deliver a creamy, lingering finish.  (5.5%)

Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy!

4/6 Packs Item # 22199  $28.70

Satisfy your thirst for autumn with our Leinenkugel’s® Harvest Patch® Shandy. It’s our traditional weiss beer with natural pumpkin spice flavor to give you notes of nutmeg, allspice and clove for a refreshing fall seasonal. It’s crisp and smooth, just like a perfect fall day on the Leinie Side. (4.2%)

Pairs with: spicy beef chili or caramel flan.

Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest

4/6 Packs Item # 22815  $28.70

Our proud German heritage shines through in our homage to arguably the world’s greatest festival. A traditional Märzen-style beer, our Leinenkugel’s® Oktoberfest has a toasted malt flavor and subtle, spicy hop notes that make it perfect for celebrating fall in true German fashion. So let your steins runneth over. (5.1%)

Pairs with: brats, spaetzles, pork chops, soft pretzels and spiced apple cake.

New Items August 13, 2018

NEW Year Round from Rhinegeist:  Wowie!

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 04368  $30.00

Meet the wild child, our tropical troublemaker with effervescent intentions. This Tropical Ale pairs bright pineapple with tart passionfruit in a sensual samba. Make the getaway, destination unknown, set off into sparkling skies. Let’s get out of here. The possibilities, the thrill, the adventure; Wowie.

New from Woodchuck:  Pearsecco!

4/6 Packs Item # 76632  $33.70

BUBBLY DRY CIDER.  Inspired by sparkling wines, this dry pear cider is full of bubbles with a clean, crisp finish.  (6.1%)

Woodchuck Rose!

4/6 Packs Item # 76631  $33.70

BUBBLY BLUSH CIDER. A bubbly, fruit-forward blush cider made with a blend of red apples delivering a crisp mouth feel.  (6.1%)

Otter Creek Fall Can Jam is in!

2/12 Pack Cans Item # 51810  $29.70  ($5.50 off 5 cases, $6.50 off 15, $7.50 off 25)

Featuring Free Flow IPA, Ella Hoppy Lager and Oktoberfest!

New Items August 6, 2018

Just in from our LOCAL Salem Cidery!

Far from the Tree Apple of my CHAI!

6/4 Pack 16oz Cans Item # 79070  $66.00

Cider made with black tea, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and orange peel.  Pairs will with leaf raking, campfires and flannel.   (8%)


NEW from Two Roads:  Tropical Fruit Gose!

6/4 Packs Item # 03635  $55.50

1/6 Bbl Item #  03624  $85.00

Two Roads is driving a tanker truck down a road less traveled with this Tropical Fruit Gose (pronounced GO-zuh). We kettle soured this ale in our own tanker truck trailer— a former milk tanker (like the one on the front label)— that’s parked right on the grounds of our brewery! This beer has a rich blend of tropical fruit notes with hints of pineapple, mango, guava, Barbados cherry and passion fruit. With pleasing tartnesss, it’s a tropical twist on a refreshing fruit gose. (4.8%)

Captain Lawrence:  NEW Orbital Tilt – Vic Secret!

4/6 Packs Item # 42867  $29.50

1/6 Bbl Item # 42866  $75.00

As the earth spins and twists so does your mood, so does your taste, and so does Orbital Tilt.  This IPA has been brewed using a healthy dose of imported pilsner malt and malted oats to create a smooth mouthfeel, and then dry hopped with Vic Secret hops for an herbal aroma and citrusy finish.  (5.9%)


Limited Release from our LOCAL Slumbrew:  Island Day!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item #  08562  $54.50

Pale Ale with Calypso, Ella and Pacific Jade hops

Today, we breathe in deeply. Fresh air and the aromatic essence of Calypso, Ella and Pacific Jade hops fill the air and lighten our hearts while this golden ale lightens our mood. Today is an Island Day. Keep cold, enjoy now for today is the day. (6.5%)

New Items July 23, 2018

It’s Back!  Urban Farm Fermentory  Dry Cidah!

6/4 Pack Cans Item # 68768 $52.00

Dry Cidah is our flagship cidah. Wild fermented with Maine dessert fruit, our Dry Cidah provides the base for our entire cidah line. 

Why Cid’ah’? – our spelling of cider echoes the locality of our native yeast strains. While other cider makers pitch foreign yeasts, any U.F.F. product with the cidah label is fermented with 100% wild Maine yeast.

Limited Release from our LOCAL Bantam Cidery:  

Mighty Mammoth!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 73017  $56.00

Big & Bold


True to the Double New England Style perfected by our brewing friends, Mighty Mammoth has intense hop aroma, is juicy and cloudy, and potent at 8.5% ABV.

New Year Round!  Fuzzy Traveler Peach Shandy!

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 38857  $28.70

This brand-new year-round release captures the essence of the classic Shandy with a twist; a juicy wheat ale, made with real peach, perfectly balanced with classic German hops and malt. This low ABV Shandy clocks in at 4.4%, and is the perfect complement for that firework viewing party, those poolside hangs or a backyard BBQ.


Brewmaster Jack Limited Release:  Happy Valley Sour Ale!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item #11392  $56.00 (only 10 cases avail.!)

A Berliner Weisse style ale brewed with lime juice. (4.5%)

Grimm Limited Release:  Living Daylights!

1/6 Bbls Item # 43603  $130.00 (only 5 available!)


What would happen if we took an imperial berliner weisse base recipe and hopped it with all the hops? We decided to find out. With plenty of hop dust in the keg;  you’ll find your taste buds dancing between a smooth, fruit-forward drinking experience, or a rough-hewn, maximally hoppy swallow. Delicious both ways!  (5.8%)

Otter Creek Limited Release:  Head Charge!

1/6 Bbls Item # 51408  $120.00 (only 5 available!)

Introducing the first Double IPA to come your way from the OCB Crew!

Head Charge DIPA features an enlightened state of haze and hops; brewed with a bunch of 2-row and oats to deliver the hazy body that has the kids going crazy these days.  Robbie and crew dropped around three pounds of hops per barrel into the cold side, which, when you add it all up, ends up being a crazy amount of green designed to send the lupulin aromas straight through your senses.

Citra, Amarillo and Cascade hops lead the charge to deliver a nice citrus and resin character that’s balanced by the fruity esters of our house ale yeast. Topped off with a round, creamy mouthfeel from all of those oats. (8%)

New Items July 16, 2018

Disco Pig 5: Kyūri Saki Bīru

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 66606  $48.50

Kyrui (translates to Cucumber in Japanese) 

Rice Ale brewed using Saki Yeast & Cold Pressed Cucumber with Summer hops from AU for a bright super easy drinking green melon citrusy finish. Pair with the beach, golf, tennis, slip n slides and swimming pools as well as watermelon & feta salad.  (4.5%)


LOCAL Brewer Backlash Limited Release:  Allston!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 05568  $63.00

New England IPA.  Allston is the first installment in our “Stomping Grounds” series, where we pay homage to the neighborhoods of Boston that helped shaped Backlash – Past, Present, and future.  Allston is brewed with Citra hops and Mosaic lupulin powder for a mild, smooth bitterness and a flavor profile exploding with sweet tropical fruits.  (7%)

Clown Shoes Limited Release:  Very Angry Beast!

12/22 oz Item # 25754  $115.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 25755  $200.00

American Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels.  (11%)

LOCAL Clown Shoes Release:  Zebra Warren!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 25753  $58.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 25756  $100.00

Double IPA with Mango, Pink Guava and Mosaic hops.  (8%)

Rhinegeist Seasonal: Peach Dodo Gose!

4/6 Packs Item # 04322  $31.50

1/6 Bbls Item # 04321  $85.00

½ Bbls Item # 03924  $165.00

This German Gose is bright and frisky, tart and saline, and dances on the palate with punches of peach. Thirst quenching beyond all imagination, Peach Dodo is the finest of liquids for a beach picnic or for making history.(4.4%)  

Hubbard’s Cave Limited Release:  Fresh One Hop Amarillo!

1/6 Bbls Item # 30536  $180.00  (only 3 available!)

All of the Hubbard’s Cave IIPAs use a similar base of Pilsner malt, Wheat malt, and Oats. The classifier in the title:  Amarillo hops!  To keep bitterness down, we generally add hops at the very end of the boil, during the whirlpool phase. We then dry-hop them excessively for more floral/juicy flavor and aroma. We are continually playing with different yeast strains and fermentation temps which will make each batch unique from the last, even when the same hops are used.  (8.5%)  “OUTSTANDING” ratings on Beer Advocate, Untapped & RateBeer!

New Items June 25, 2018

Narragansett Fresh Catch!

4/6 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 33029  $30.70  ($1.70 off 3 cases)

2/12 Pack 12 oz Cans Item # 33030  $28.70  ($4.00 off 7 cases, $5 off 15)

From the fishermen who have fought the harsh waters of the Northeast for generations, to the family clam bakes and lobster boils that celebrate their well-earned bounty, seafood is part of the fabric of every New Englander.  We work hard, take nothing for granted, and have a good time doing it.  When we crack our first lobster of the season, it’s a big deal – an occasion to indulge, reflect, and party with friends and family.  Since 1890, Narragansett has been the beer that fishermen toil to earn, and the beer the rest of us salute them with.  This beer honors the risk and hails the reward that comes with every “Fresh Catch”. 

Fresh Catch is a supremely refreshing blonde ale that’s dry hopped with Citra for a crisp grapefruit finish.   Aromas of citrus and passion fruit are very evident, but mild on the palate.  Brewed to be the perfect pairing with shellfish or whitefish.  (4.2%)

Baxter Limited Release:  Bootleg Fireworks!

6/4 Packs Item # 43434  $62.00

1/6 Bbl Item # 43432  $100.00  (only 5 available!)

This is our annual opportunity to abandon subtlety and replace it with chaos and volatility. For this fifth edition, we combined over a metric ton of grains with heavy hop additions and then dry hopped the beer three times with inordinate quantities of nine hop varieties, just to be ridiculous (ridonkulous?). Intentionally unfiltered, unbalanced, and surprisingly smooth. Reekris!  (9%)

Just in from our LOCAL Clown Shoes Brewery:  Pineapple Space-Cake!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 25749  $58.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 25751  $100.00

½ Bbls Item # 25750  $209.00

IPA brewed with Mosaic hops and fresh pineapple puree.  (7.7%)

Clown Shoes Limited Release:  Rexx!

12/22 oz Item # 25748  $115.00

 Imperial Red Ale aged in Bourbon barrels.  (10%)

New Package from Dogfish Head:  Liquid Truth Serum IPA CANS!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 32039  $52.00  ($2 off 5 cases, $3 off 10, $4 off 15)

 You can handle the truth!

MYTH: IBUs (hop bitterness) can only be achieved in the boil. TRUTH: Uh-uh!

The truth is, Dogfish Head has been doing innovative things in the world of hopping since we opened in the mid-90s. From our continual hopping method found in our 60 Minute, 90 Minute and 120 Minute IPAs to our latest innovation of post-boil hop additions found in our Liquid Truth Serum!  Our unique process involving pelletized, powdered, leaf and liquefied hops makes for a blissfully inefficient IPA that’s truthfully hoppy without being deceptively bitter. You’ll find the perfect match of citrusy and tropical notes, making for a zesty finish … honest. (7%)

NEW from Dogfish Head:  Off Center Your Summer Variety Pack!

2/12 Packs Item # 32049  $40.00  ($3 off 5 cases, $5 off 10)

Featuring 60 Minute IPA, Namaste Belgian Witbier, Lupu-Luau IPa and SeaQuench Session Sour Ale in a Water-Resistant case!  Just add ice for a perfect day on the boat or at the beach!  Includes a can koozie in every pack!


Willie’s Superbrew:  NOW in 12 packs!

2/12 Pack Variety Item # 39469  $33.57  ($5.08 off 5 cases, $6.58 off 10 cases)

“With our Superbrew, we’re being fully transparent – we not only tell you everything that’s in it, but we’re proud of it.” 

Castle Island Limited Release:  Social Studies (El Dorado)!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 03857  $76.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 03860  $105.00

In the name of science, we’re doing our due diligence to unearth the secret combination to making the haziest, juiciest New England IPA possible.  Scratching that special hophead itch, Social Studies is an ever-evolving beer that takes a deeper look into the world of hops by putting a single variety on a pedestal for each release.  (7.8%)

Foolproof Limited Release:  Pineapple Vango!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 39488  $53.00

It’s your undiscovered adventure…now with pineapple! A future memory, journey, or story yet to be told. Brewed with light malts and dry-hopped with Mosaic hops, this kettle sour ale is suitable for any occasion. The beer delivers a thirst–quenching tanginess that is refreshing yet complex and bursting with pineapple.  (5%)

Limited Release from our LOCAL Castle Island Brewery:  Righteous Goals!

1/6 Bbls Item # 03858  $90.00

Righteous GOALS combines sweet, tropical guava with silky oats for a complex, fruity, tangy blonde ale. Proceeds from Righteous GOALS benefit the Massachusetts Chapter of the ALS Association, whose mission is to discover treatments and a cure for ALS, and to serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest.  (5.2%)



Kings Highway specializes in dry ciders of all stripes. We make heritage ciders from traditional cider apples when they are available. We also make orchard-based ciders that focus on the fruit from specific farms in the Hudson Valley. We also like to experiment with ingredients like citrus peel, ginger, hibiscus, and generally anything that strikes our fancy. Our ciders are light, crisp, clean, and always apple-forward on the palate.

Kings Highway Whip Appeal

6/4 Pack 12 oz Cans Item # 70000  $62.00






Kings Highway Beach Party

6/4 Pack 12 oz Cans Item # 70001  $62.00




New Items June 18, 2018

Jacques Reynard Sparkling Wine

24/187ml  Item # 520000 $50.00  ($6.24 off 2 cases)

Produced in California, Jacques Reynard is the perfect grab n go bubbly for the summertime. Pairs perfectly with shellfish, an aperitif, or as a brunch cocktail. Great for warm weather and any time celebrations. Please ask your rep for samples.  

Limited Release from Local Mass Brewer Castle Island

Chuck Dry Hopped Cream Ale!

6/4 Packs Item # 03879  $53.50

Named in honor of the mighty Charles River, Chuck pays homage to the iconic Boston landmark by giving new life to a classic cream ale. Brewed with wheat and a touch of flaked maize, Chuck turns to peachy, piney hops for a big burst of fruity flavor, putting a new spin on this timeless style.  (4.8%)

Shiner Sea Salt & Lime!

4/6 Pack Glass Item # 35856  $28.70

2/12 Pack Cans Item # 35857  $28.70  ($3.50 off 5 cases, $5.80 off 10, $6.72 off 20)

Our latest summer seasonal is here just in time to cool you down.  Meet Sea Salt & Lime Summer Lager, a refreshing new brew with a dash of sea salt and a squeeze of lime to keep things interesting.  Enjoy it while you can – unlike summer, this won’t be around long.  (4%)

Limited Release from our LOCAL Ipswich Brewery!

Cranberry Beret!

6/4 16 oz CAN Item # 13101  $52.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 13100  $85.00

A delightfully tart kettle soured ale fermented atop pureed cranberries.  A wonderful beer to pair with food, or to drink on its own.   (5%)

…..You singing the song yet?!


From Samuel Adams and the Home of the Boston Red Sox:

Beers of Fenway!

2/12 Pack Cans Item # 17211  $28.70  ($2 off 15 cases, $3.50 off 30, $4 off 80)

4 Cans each:  Boston Lager, Sam ’76 & Sumer Ale!

New Red Stripe Package!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 38423  $31.00  ($2.35 off 5 cases)

The great Jamaican Beer we know today has set the standard by which other beers are measured since 1928.  A beautiful amber lager, full bodied and a smooth post palate sensation. Lager beer, light gold colour.  (4.7%)

New Items June 4, 2018

NEW PACKAGE SIZE!   Dogfish 60 Minute IPA

12/19.2 oz CAN Item # 32048  $24.50

It’s hard being the sequel, unless you wrote the original story. Inspired by the continual hopping process we invented with 90 Minute IPA, 60 Minute builds on that one-of-a-kind process and flavor, crafting a solid gold hit that’s found its own identity.

“The most balanced IPA on the market” -Wall Street Journal

Brewed using a boatload of intense Northwest hops, we boil this continually hopped IPA for a full 60 minutes, adding more than 60 hop additions continuously to create a bold and timeless flavor. Continually hopped to deliver a pungently, citrusy, grassy hop flavor without being crushingly bitter, 60 Minute IPA is a surprisingly sessionable IPA for the craft enthusiast.  You’ll quickly see why this sequel has become our best selling beer, and why you’ll find yourself coming back to it again and again.  (6%)


NEW PACKAGE SIZE! Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale!

2/12 Pack Cans Item # 32023  $36.50 ($6.00 off 5 cases)

SeaQuench Ale is a session sour mash-up of a crisp Kolsch, a salty Gose, and a tart Berliner Weiss brewed in sequence with black limes, sour lime juice and sea salt to make this the most thirst-quenching beer Dogfish Head has ever brewed.

“…may be the world’s most thirst-slaying beer.”
- Men’s Health

When we opened our geographically-enamored seafood restaurant Chesapeake & Maine in 2016, we wanted to honor its coastal roots by developing this sessionable, seafood-pairing beer that takes you to a place of briny seawater on sunny beach days. Our experimentation focused on three thirst-quenching styles with German roots, but no single style quite hit the mark and mood we were going for … so we blended them and the result was the tart and refreshing beer we were looking for!  Partnering with the National Aquarium, we replicated sea salt sourced from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and added sea salt from the coast of Maine to honor the Atlantic coast we love so much.  (4.9%)

Back in stock: Ballast Point Sour Wench!

4/6 Packs Item # 05690  $42.00 ($5.50 off 3 cases)


Our Sour Wench Blackberry Ale is a fruity Berliner Weisse-style beer bursting with Oregon blackberry flavor and aroma. The fruit addition adds a beautiful violet hue, and the taste has an approachable soft tartness from kettle souring. This artful gypsy will surely lure you into the world of sour beers.  (7%)

Coronado Guava Islander

4/6 Packs Item # 03022  $33.00 (only 10 avail.)

Tropical fruit meets tropical vibes in this “guavacated” version of our Islander IPA. Brewed with the classic West Coast combo of Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops, this beer gets the tropical treatment with a hefty dose of fresh guava puree. The result is a surprisingly smooth, unfiltered IPA bursting with tropical goodness that’s sure to put you in that island state of mind. (7%)

Upland Life Exotic Seasonal SAISON

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 04010  $33.00 (only 10 avail.)

The style of Belgian Saison has become synonymous with complexity and sophistication. It is a style that can wear many hats, is adaptable to compliment virtually any dish, and can be used to reflect the essence of any season. In the search for a beer that is best suited for summer, the obvious emphasis should be on refreshment and few ingredients are more undeniably refreshing than citrus fruit. This led us to the inevitable citrus Saison. The combination of tangerine and lemon zest add a bright, thirst-quenching complexity to a lower gravity example of a classic Belgian Saison.  (5.2%)

Upland Campside PALE ALE

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 04008  $33.00 (only 20 avail.)

Campside has developed a loyal following with its showcase of the most interesting and effervescent American hops. Beginning in 2018, Campside will transition from a Session IPA to an American Pale Ale and will be available year round. All of the fragrant citrus and tropical character of late additions of Cascade, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops will remain, supported by a moderate malt backbone and defined by balanced drinkability. Late additions of hops allow the distinct fragrance of grapefruit, apricot and pine to be preserved as much as possible in the finished beer. With a crisp, but subtle bitterness, a balanced malt character, and a 5.4% ABV, this is the perfect year round beverage for those who think flavor is just as important as refreshment.  (5.4%)

Champagne Velvet PILSENER

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 04002  $43.00  (only 16 avail.)

In 1902, Walter Braun, the son of German immigrants, created a recipe for a new pilsener beer named Champagne Velvet. Over the next 50 years it grew to become one of Indiana’s most popular beers, a go-to for many of our grandparents and great-grandparents. It was “The Beer with the Million Dollar Flavor,” which wasn’t just marketing fluff; it was actually insured with a $1 million policy. 
Industrial consolidation took down this regional favorite and the recipe went missing for many years until a fan rescued the hand-written recipe from deep in a trademark portfolio. Upland reformulated the recipe using that scrap of paper and proudly brings this Midwestern legend back to life. Champagne Velvet has a refreshingly light pilsener body with some sweet complexities given off by the corn malt used in this recipe, making this the perfect lager. It’s smooth and light, but still full of flavor, the perfect everyday beer for craft beer drinkers and a step up for domestic drinkers. (5.5%)

UPC:  6 88135 02215 1


Upland Pearpawsterous: A new collaboration beer with Cascade Brewing

12/500ml Item # 04011  $120.00 (only 9 avail.)

Pearpawsterous represents a blending of our two programs featuring local fruits from both Indiana and Oregon and their individual house cultures.

“We are very excited to share our collaboration with Cascade with beer drinkers across the country. Pearpawsterous is everything you would expect from two of America’s most experienced wood-aged sour programs. You won’t be disappointed,” said Dusty Howe, Upland’s Director of National Sales.

Over the years, we’ve admired many of the beers coming from our friends at Cascade in Portland, Oregon. After visiting and sharing beers together we determined that we had very similar philosophies on sour beer making as well as similar histories with how our programs started. Naturally, we thought it would be awesome to make a beer together. Both programs are very focused on use of whole fruits, and balanced acidity. With similar wheat base beers, we aged our beers on whole paw paws from Indiana and a custom pear blend from Oregon.

Malt bill includes 30% Unmalted Wheat, which undergoes starch conversion by boiling during a “turbid mash”. The beer is then aged for long periods in oak barrels. During fermentation, yeast, Brettanomyces, and other souring microorganisms create a tart, dry and refreshing sour ale. Selected foudre beer was transferred and aged on a blend of Indiana paw paws and Oregon pears.

Pearpawsterous is straw to pale in color with the perfect balance of pawpaw and pear fruit flavors. With a zesty carbonation, it finishes tart and dry. This limited brew is now available across Upland’s distribution areas in 500 ml bottles.

Food pairing suggestion: Poached apple arugula salad with goat cheese, walnut crusted salmon risotto, rainbow trout, fresh cheeses.

Grimm Magnetic Tape

1/6 Bbls Item # 43620  $130.00

Magnetic Tape is the cousin of the beloved Magnetic Compass. Both are oat single IPA’s pairing Mosaic with an interesting hop from New Zealand. Where Compass uses Rakau hops, Tape uses Motueka. This beer is all about big, fresh, radiant tropical fruit character from these two matchless hop varietals. There are no rough edges, just full and round aromas of melon, mango, and citrus. High drinkability quotient. (6.4%)


Almanac Side Hustle Hazy IPA

1/6 Bbls Item #  45394 $105.00  (only 3 avail.)

Each batch of Side Hustle Hazy IPA is extra dank, extra disco and all around extra. This fancy pants unfiltered IPA is brewed with the same malt bill each time but the hops rotate on every batch—always producing an IPA with huge tropical and citrus aromas. (7%) This versions hops: Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic.  


1/6 Bbls Item # 03998  $255.00 (only 3 avail.)

When we started experimenting with Belgian-style sour ales back in 2006, we immediately knew we wanted to add cherries to our program. We get over 4,500 lbs of red, tart Montmorency cherries each year from King Orchards in northern Michigan. We add the cherries to the mildly tart sour ale base and let it ferment for three more months before kegging and bottling, giving this barrel-aged fruited sour ale the distinct cherry characteristics. The beer pours with rich hues of red and pink foam, with zesty effervescence. Tart cherries dominate the aroma, with hints of wine and cider, and the finish is dry, with lingering cherry fruitiness. (6%)

Almanac Strawberry Melon Flavor Wheel

1/6 Bbls Item # 45337  $210.00 (only 2 avail.)

Sour farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with honeydew melon, strawberry, vanilla beans & spices. (7.1%)


Almanac Wit In The Woods

1/6 Bbl Item # 45355  $130.00 (only 1 avail.)

Dry hopped mixed-culture wit aged in oak barrels with juniper, coriander, ginger & citrus peel. (6.2%)

New Items May 28, 2018

Just in from our LOCAL Newburyport Brewing Co:  Yankee Blue!

1/6 Bbls Item #  02894  $71.00

½ Bbls Item # 02923  $160.00

Unfiltered weissbier brewed with blueberries.  (4.9%)

Just in from our Massachusetts LOCAL Greater Good Brewery:  PULP!

1/6 Bbls Item # 04053  $115.00

We like to think “8 is the new 5” – this is our second IPA in the 8% series, a more “juice forward” lower IBU IPA that has become so popular here in New England. We dialed the IPA to 8% ABV and transformed the hop profile to include dominant citrusy and tropical notes with minimal bittering notes.  A juicy IPA lovers delight with a citrus grove aroma, smooth mouthfeel, and a subtle hazy yellow-orange color.   Nectar of the hop gods! Paul’s Ultimate Lupulin Protocol!

New from Peak:  Happy Hour LIME!

4/6 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 20435  $32.50

Take our masterfully designed Happy Hour pilsner, add a twist of organic lime and what do you have? You guessed it!  Happy Hour Lime. It’s incredibly thirst quenching and the lime-zest is a perfect complement to the pilsner malt bill.  Crisp, clean, brilliant, easygoing and entirely crushable - our newest pilsner is as refreshing as any beer we’ve made yet! Cheers!  (4.7%)

New from our Local Clown Shoes Brewery:  Gargoyle Love Song!

12/22 oz Item # 25745  $115.00

Gargoyles gone wild? Those bastards were meant to protect the city. Instead, they started to tear buildings apart. Fortunately, Crasher fired up his jetpacks, swooped in, and sang them a love song. For this, the 2018 version, we barrel aged Undead Party Crasher in high-end bourbon barrels and added large quantities of vanilla beans.

Angry Orchard Rosé CANS!

2/12 Packs Item # 70407  $28.70  ($2.70 off 5 cases, $3.70 off 10 cases)

Angry Orchard Rosé Cider is made with rare, red flesh apples from France. Each apple is crisp, juicy and red to the core, adding an irresistible rosy blush and apple-forward taste with a refreshing dry finish.

Une Annee PÊCHE [pesh]

30 LT Bbls Item # 30546  $180.00  (Only 2 avail.)

French for “peach”. A less common fruit Lambic variety, but a favorite of many. Peaches tend to not ferment our as much as the raspberries or cherries and provide a nice natural sweetness to the beer. (6.5%)


30 LT Bbl Item # 30534  $180.00  (Only 1 avail.)

LE SEUL 6.5% [le sool] – French for “The Only”. Back in early 2015, we originally planned on making only one batch of each of these beers as a way of being creative by blending some of our existing finished non-sour beer together and adding a sour culture to the mix before adding fruit. The only one that still gets some other beer blended into the base is Le Seul I. Because of the popularity of the series we remake each variety as they sell through.


Une Annee No Regrets

30 LT Item # 30533  $150.00  (Only 1 avail.)

NO REGRETS 5.5% - A beer originally named “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” based on the famous Édith Piaf song which translates to “No, I regret nothing.” Our Ouais base beer is combined with chopped limes and then dry-hopped.


Hubbard’s Cave Fresh IIPA V1  (Fresh By 07.02.18) IPA - Imperial / Double

30 LT Item # 30537  $150.00  (Only 2 avail.)


Hubbard’s Cave Coffee & Cakes

30 LT Item # 30549  $210.00  (Only 1 avail.)

Imperial stout brewed with coffee and maple syrup. (12%)

New Items May 21, 2018

Limited Release from our LOCAL Far From the Tree Cidery in Salem:  Earl!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 79083  $66.00

Black tea and bergamot is blended to create this off-dry cider with a spicy, citrus nose.  (6.8%)

New from Foolproof:  Vango!

6/4 Packs Item # 39489  $53.00        

What is Vango?  It’s your undiscovered adventure.  A future memory, journey, or story yet to be told.  Brewed with light malts and dry-hopped with Mosaic, this kettle sour ale is suitable for any occasion.  The beer delivers a tanginess that is refreshing yet complex.  So go out, find your Vango, and share it with the world… (5%)

Captain Lawrence:  NEW Orbital Tilt!

4/6 Packs Item # 42867  $29.50

As the earth spins and twists so does your mood, so does your taste, and so does Orbital Tilt.  This IPA has been brewed using a healthy dose of imported pilsner malt and malted oats to create a smooth mouthfeel, and then dry hopped with Galaxy hops for an earthy aroma and ripe fruit finish.  (5.9%)

Baxter Limited Release:  Ceremony IPA!

6/4 Pack Cans Item # 43029  $61.00

Tradition and innovation, like hops and green tea, might seem like opposites, but for us, it’s the yin and yang of craft beer. For this Ceremony, we delicately increased the body of the base beer and introduced a honey note to balance the beer’s herbal undertones and characteristic IPA bite. Gunpowder green tea and matcha are added with the dry hops which feature flavor profiles from grassy and herbal to citrusy and fruity.  (4.2%)

Peak Sweet Tarts Blueberry is in!

4/6 Packs Item # 21407  $32.50 

Sweet Tart Blueberry marries crisp, fruity goodness with a touch of sour that is entirely refreshing. With a rosé-like effervescence and a tartness that teases your taste buds, Sweet Tart Blueberry hits you with the right amount of flavor in a perfectly light body. The blueberries in Sweet Tart Blueberry are grown by our friends Jon and Briar Fishman on their farm Elderflower Farm in Lincolnville, Maine. Enjoy!  (4.6%)

Grey Sail Summer Seasonal:  Hazy Day!

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 11466  $31.25

This Belgian Wit summer offering is representative of the white beers made in the Wallonia region of Belgium. The pronounced yeast characteristic and subdued spicing of our Belgian Wit offer a refreshing, unfiltered beer…perfect for those hot Summer days.  (4%)

Two Roads Road Jam

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 03696  $37.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 03725  $75.00

½ Bbls Item # 03724  $170.00

A wheat ale fermented with real red and black raspberries and accented with fresh lemongrass.  It has a stunning red color and mouth-watering berry aroma.  Fruity and refreshingly dry.  (5%)

Boulevard Seasonal:  Lemon Ginger Radler!

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 11319  $32.25

1/6 Bbl Item # 11318  $75.00

½ Bbl Item # 11317  $185.00

Boulevard Ginger-Lemon Radler is a zesty, refreshing take on the tradition of mixing beer with soda or lemonade to create a light, thirst-quenching beverage ideal for warm weather. Radler (literally “cyclist,”) takes its name from active German sportsmen of a hundred years ago, but our version tastes just as good even if you do nothing more strenuous than lifting it to your lips.  (4.1%)

From our LOCAL Ipswich Brewery: Blueberry Shandy!

1/6 Bbls Item # 13111  $68.00

½ Bbls Item # 13112  $156.00

They’ve been quietly brewing a blueberry beer for 20 years there on the North Shore.  In the dark depths of a New England winter they thought about this New England tradition and wondered, “What is the evolution of blueberry ale?”  Here you have it.  Lemon and blueberry flavors brightly shine through this zesty, sweet offering.  Never filtered.  Never pasteurized.  Always Ipswich.  (5.4%)

Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat!

½ Bbls Item # 14705  $150.00

APPEARANCE:  As golden as the summer sun with a white, creamy head. May have a slight amount of haze from the wheat.     AROMA:  Take in that rich clover honey aroma. It blends well with the light, biscuity malt notes.     TASTE: Slightly sweet clover honey taste with a hint of citrus. Very light biscuity malt taste with a low hop bitterness to provide balance.     MOUTHFEEL: A light-bodied ale with a medium level of carbonation to balance the taste of wheat and honey.     FINISH:  A light, sweet honey finish with subtle citrus notes to heighten the refreshing character of this ale.     Food Pairing:  The subtle flavors of clover honey and orange peel pair well with grilled summer fare such as marinated chicken or pork with honey mustard sauce.   (5.2%)

New Items May 14, 2018

Introducing the 2018 Narragansett Summer Clam Shack Variety!

2/12 Packs Item # 33031  $28.70  ($4.00 off 7 cases, $5.00 off 15 cases)

- Narragansett Lager - 5% ABV New England’s Longest Brewed Beer (Since 1890) Featured in our 1975 Retro Jaws Can - do you can Crush It Like Quint!

- Del’s Shandy- 4.7% ABV - New England’s Home Grown Shandy & the highest rated Lemon Shandy On Beer Advocate! Clean, Tart & Refreshing - Cheers & Enjoy!

- Fresh Catch Ale - 4.2% ABV / 22 IBU’s  this new everyday beer from Narragansett is a refreshing Golden Ale Dry Hopped with Citra for a tremendous taste and finish! Perfect pairing with any seafood & light fare! 

- Town Beach Day Pass IPA - 4.7% ABV 55 IBU’s This is the only way to taste this outstanding IPA as it only comes in the Summer Variety 12 Pack! Great Hop Profile with great drinkability! Great for Spring & Summer!    

Holy Moly! Super Fresh from our Local Beverly Brewery Old Planters:

Little Misery!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 49847  $52.50

1/6 Bbls Item # 49845  $71.00

Hoppy Session Ale. A crisp sessionable pale ale made for the summer months, dry-hopped with Simcoe.  (4.5%)

New from Connecticut:  Black Hog Lager!

4/6 Packs Item # 66643  $34.00

America’s Sexiest Pilsner since 2016.  Drink to the Hog.  That’s who we drink to.  A heritage breed.  Berkshire pig to be exact.  It’s our personal favorite and it’s the spirit behind our uniquely delicious beer. (5.5%)

Limited Edition from our Local Clown Shoes:  The Stranger!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 25746  $58.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 25746  $100.00  (only 5 avail.!)

Get ready for warm weather with a beautiful stranger! Our very own Jon Laprade and his cat are taking a casual walk with a friendly yeast monster through a mysterious land. The beer? An Americanized Hefeweizen dry-hopped with Mosaic, Huell Melon, and Amarillo hops.  (7.7%)

Limited Release from the Makers of Captain’s Daughter:

Grey Sail Far, Far Aweigh!  (Part of the Wheelhouse Series!)

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 11499  $33.75

The first offering of our newest limited edition Wheelhouse Series is an India Pale Ale hopped solely and generously with Galaxy hops. To try something new, we’ve omitted the bittering hop addition and added more toward the end of the boil to create a juicy, hugely aromatic IPA.  As said earlier, this beer is only around for a short time, so don’t hesitate in picking up a six pack today!  (7%)

Fresh from Grey Sail:  Pour Judgement!

4/6 Packs Item # 11496  $36.00

In 2013, we teamed up with our friends at Pour Judgement Bar and Grill in Newport, RI to brew their house IPA with the finest German malt and Eureka! hops. This beer gained so much devotion that we now offer PJ IPA “to go”. If you’re an IPA fan, go use some good judgment and grab a Pour Judgement! Cheers!  (6%)

New from Shiner:  Light Blonde!

2/12 Pack Cans Item # 35817  $28.70  ($3.50 off 5 cases, $5.80 off 10, $6.72 off 20 )

THE LIGHTEST SHINER IN TOWN  AVG. ANALYSIS PER 12 FL OZ: CALORIES 99 • CARBOHYDRATES 3.8g• PROTEIN .7g • FAT 0g  The folks at the little brewery in Shiner, TX (pop. 2,070) are proud of this refreshing, 99-calorie addition to the Spoetzl family of beers. It’s brewed with the same handcrafted, small-batch pride you expect from Shiner, delivering a unique light beer. So when you’re looking for a smooth, easy-drinking brew, pick up an ice-cold Shiner Light Blonde. It’s light done right.

Peak Super Fresh is in!

6/4 Packs 16 oz Cans Item # 20417  $58.00

This is Fresh Cut’s assertive big brother. A wicked dry-hopped pilsner. Dripping with juicy, citrus hop character, this beer is a blast of deliciousness. We hope you enjoy.  (7.6%)

New from Seagram’s:  Red, White & BOOM!

3/8 Pack Cans Item # 77119  $25.50  ($2.00 off 5 cases, $5.00 off 10 cases)

Featuring Strawberry, Red White & Citrus, Coconut Lime and Blueberry Acai Lemonade!


Back in Stock:  Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado

4/6 Packs Item # 05604  $42.00

A fresh twist on a heavy hitter.

Our Watermelon Dorado Double IPA is not one to back down from big flavors. Mash, kettle, and dry hopping blend to create a huge hop profile that is balanced with a blast of watermelon. The result is a refreshing brew that is all summer and no seeds.  (10%)

New from our Farmer Willie’s Friends:  Superbrew!

Sparkling Ginger Lemon

4/6 Packs Item # 39467  $33.57  Mix & Match $2.80 off 5 cases, $5.60 off 30 cases)

½ Bbls Item # 39470  $162.00

Sparkling Ginger & Lemon: An improved version of Ginger Session - now with turmeric instead of nutmeg for an even more well-rounded flavor, smell, and color (smooth yellow). Clean, light, and refreshing! 

4.5% ABV, 120 calories, low carb (8.5g), and naturally Gluten Free!

Sparkling Pomegranate & Acai

4/6 Packs Item # 39468  $33.57   Mix & Match $2.80 off 5 cases, $5.60 off 30 cases)

  ½ Bbls Item # 39471  $162.00

Sparkling Pomegranate & Acai: Our first expansion outside of ginger. Pouring purple/pink, this superbrew has a balanced and refreshing flavor, with slight pomegranate tartness upfront, rounded out by acai and lemon to make the perfect summer beverage.

4.5% ABV, 115 calories, low carb (7g), and naturally Gluten Free!

New Items May 7, 2018

New from Peak Organic Brewing:  Day Drink Rose!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 20428  $58.00

Day Drink is the culmination of years of research and development to create the perfect warm weather drink. It’s a concoction of some of our favorite things – organic Rose’, organic hops (of course!) and some organic dry cider. Daydrink is bright, lively, dry and bursting with effervesce. If the sun is shining, well then it’s probably time for a Day Drink!  (6.9%)

Limited Release from our LOCAL Bantam Cidery:  Hibiscus Mint!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 73042  $56.00

1/6 Bbls Item #  73038  $125.00  (only 5 avail.!)

Bantam Hibiscus Mint is botanic and fresh,  with Hibiscus flowers &  fresh muddled mint Hibiscus Mint

Ingredients: fresh pressed apples, hibiscus flowers, mint.  (6%)

Coronado Limited Release:  Peach Cruiser!

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 03014  $33.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 03013  $78.00  (only 3 avail.!)

We took a San Diego-style IPA and added fresh peach puree to complement the tropical citrus hoppiness.  The is a an unfiltered easy-to-drink IPA with tons of citrus and peach fruitiness and a moderately hoppy/bitter finish.  (6.8%)

Dogfish Head Seasonal Festina Peche is in!

6/4 Packs Item # 32043  $36.50

1/6 Bbls Item #  32044  $82.50

½ Bbls Item #  32045  $165.00

A refreshing neo-Berliner Weisse, Festina Peche is available in 4-packs and on draft during the sweaty months.

Sadly, there are only a few breweries left in Berlin still brewing the Berliner Weisse style, which is characterized by its intense tartness (some say sour). There were once over 70 breweries in Berlin alone making this beer!

In addition to fermentation with an ale yeast, Berliner Weisse is traditionally fermented with lactic cultures to produce its acidic (or green apple-like) character. Served as an apertif or summertime quencher, Festina is delicately hopped and has a pale straw color. To soften the intense sourness, Berliner Weisse is traditionally served with a dash of essence of woodruff or raspberry syrup.  In Festina Peche, since the natural peach sugars are eaten by the yeast, the fruit complexity is woven into both the aroma and the taste of the beer so there is no need to doctor it with woodruff or raspberry syrup. Just open and enjoy!  (4.5%)  UPC:  6 38489 00199 9


Dogfish Head Mixed Media!

4/6 Packs Item # 32036  $46.50  ($2 off 5, $3 off 10, $4 off 15 cases)

The closest an ale can legally be to wine! With 51% of the fermentable sugars coming from grain and 49% coming from grapes, Mixed Media is a complex saison-esque ale brewed with a distinct Belgian yeast strain. Using a late-harvest Viognier grape must from our friends at Alexandria Nicole Cellars in Washington, you’ll find notes of white grape and melon in the aroma, and greeted with a spicy white wine body in every sip.

If you were (or still are) a fan of our Noble Rot or Oak-aged Noble Rot, you’ll be delighted with the addition of Mixed Media to our lineup of beer-wine hybrids.  “We’ve been experimenting with grape juice and must in the brewing process with beers like Midas Touch, Red & White, Noble Rot and Sixty One, since we first opened 23 years ago as the smallest American craft brewery,” says Dogfish Head founder & CEO Sam Calagione. “By blending the two seemingly opposite worlds of beer and wine together we’ve discovered that they collide quite nicely, and the combination of the two adds an additional thread of flavor and a layer of complexity to the mix.“  As our newest spin in the beer-wine world, Mixed Media appeals to both the Pinot Gris and beer drinker alike with a crisp, dry and tart ale that will leave you ‘puckering' for more.  (7.5%)   UPC:  6 38489 00329 0



4/6 Packs Item # 05706  $42.00


A cocktail-inspired brew loaded with ginger and lime.
Our Moscow Mule Ale is a tart and refreshing beer version of the classic cocktail. Loaded with lime zest and ginger over a kettle-soured base beer, Moscow Mule Ale tantalizes your taste buds with tangy and effervescent flavors, finishing with a slight hint of spice from the ginger. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a Moscow Mule without the shaker or copper mug.

Ballast Point Discovery Variety Pack!

2/12 Pack Cans Item # 05710  $33.50  ($6 off 5 cases, $8.50 off 10 cases)

With easy-drinking ABVs and approachable styles, this variety pack features laid-back, yet flavor-forward beers including: Fathom IPA, a crisp and clean West Coast-style IPA with zesty orange and piney hop character; Bonito Blonde, a blonde ale with a soft malt character, a subtle hint of hops and a dry finish and Tart Peach Kolsch, a bright and refreshing ale with ripe peach aromas and a tart flavor.   P.S.  Tart Peach Kolsch 6 packs are Back in Stock!

Harpoon Lime-Y Vice!

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 24213  $28.70

Sea salt, coriander, and lime bring sunny vibes to this crisp, hazy gose. Salty, sour, tart, and refreshing, this is the perfect beer for every summer celebration.  (4.7%)

UFO & POLAR Seltzer Collab:  UFO Blueberry Lemonade Beer!

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 24904  $28.70

Two well-known local companies – who share a love of crafting refreshing and fun beverages – have collaborated to bring their fans the ultimate flavor adventure .  Our brewers worked closely with the team from Polar to select a delicious flavor from their Seltzer’ade line that would pair well with a classic wheat beer.  Flavor adventure is about to take on a whole new meaning wit this partnership!  (4.8%)

New Orbital Tilt from Captain Lawrence!  Galaxy Hopped!

1/6 Bbls Item # 42866  $75.00  (only 3 avail.)

As the earth spins and twists so does your mood, so does your taste, and so does Orbital Tilt.  This IPA has been brewed using a healthy dose of imported pilsner malt an malted oats to create a smooth mouthfeel, and then dry hopped with Galaxy Hops for an earthy aroma and ripe fruit finish.  (5.9%)

New Items April 16, 2018

NEW TO MVDC….’MERICAN MULE!   (NOT Available in N.H.!)

6-4/12oz CANS Item #521043 $67.00  ($4.00 off 5 cases)

Introducing the ‘Merican Mule also known as the BEST tasting Moscow Mule in a can. We created a premium, vodka based Moscow mule cocktail that is convenient, refreshing, and refined. With natural flavors and 7% ABV, this delicious Moscow mule in a can is the perfect cocktail of choice. Flavor is aromatic, balanced & classic. Time to hit the beach, boats, patios, & more this summer with the ‘Merican Mule. Please contact your rep for tastings.  

(Please note this item is for full liquor license holders only)    UPC:  8 52702 00703 6

Captain Lawrence Grapefruit Effortless IPA is in!

4/6 Packs Item # 42871  $29.50

The only “effortless” thing about this beer is how it drinks. Domestic and imported malts take a backseat to the loads of American grown hops. Dry hopped for a mouthwatering aroma with Mosaic and Cascade hops, and infused with natural grapefruit flavor. Enjoy an EFFORTLESS drinking experience with our Session IPA.  (4.5%)

It’s Back:  Otter Creak Orange Dream Cream Ale!

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 52218  $29.70

1/6 Bbls Item # 52220  $71.00

Orange Dream is back for the 2018 sipping season with a recipe that’s dreamier than ever!  Nick, Robbie and the rest of the crew spent some time dialing-in the citrus notes on our flashback-inspired cream ale and landed on something even the ice cream man would be stoked on. Look for a more potent punch of citrus up front with a nice, smooth vanilla finish that’s made even more creamy from the addition of lactose.  (5.3%)

New from Foolproof:  The Depths!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 39493  $65.00

1/6 Bbls Item #39494  $105.00

EXPERIENCE:  Mystery and fortune await you among The Depths… Intrigue lurks below the surface. The Depths is a secret paradise lying in wait. A sibling of The Grotto IPA, this double India pale ale showcases the aggressive aromatics and bold flavors yielded from fresh lupulin powder, added in healthy doses throughout the brewing process. This 8% ABV treasure is backed by a healthy grain bill featuring a selection of soft, light malts.

Clown Shoes Bubble Farm IPA

4/6 Pack 12 oz Cans Item # 25737  $30.70  ($1 off 5 cases, $2 off 10)

1/6 Bbls Item # 25739  $68.00

½ Bbls Item # 25738  $160.00

A new year round IPA!  Sweet, tropical, piney and citrusy with Simcoe; Idaho 7 and Azacca hops.  (6.5%)

Clown Shoes Limited Release:  Breakfast Exorcism 2018

12/22 oz Item #  25743  $115.00

1/6 Bbls Item #  25744  $200.00

American Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon barrels with Cold Brew “Kalledarapura” Indian Espresso from Barrington Roasting Co.  (11%)


New from our LOCAL Spencer Trappist Brewery:  Grapefruit IPA!

6/4 Packs Item # 44451  $53.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 44492  $95.00

Spencer’s Grapefruit IPA is brewed with grapefruit and Citra hops. There is a ruby red hue in its color, and it is tart and clean with a closing bitterness characteristic to IPAs (6.5%) 

Modern Times Limited Release:  Orderville!

6/4 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 45310  $58.50

Orderville is an aggressive, fragrant IPA that blends the fruit-forward character of Mosaic hops with resinous stickiness from a mélange of dank hops. The resulting beer is immensely rad, with an unmistakable bangin’ aroma and a fully saturated hop flavor and finish. The cracker-dry body keeps the focus squarely on the massive, incredibly delicious hop character, inviting your taste buds to join a drum circle of flavor in a magical forest of hops.(7.2%)

Local Newburyport Brewing Tall Buoy IPA!

1/6 Bbls Item # 02895  $120.00


Tall Buoy IPA is brewed in small quantities and released periodically in limited batches to keep it fresh, this New England IPA explodes with complex tropical fruit hop character balanced by subtle sweet malt. Wicked refreshing and brewed to enjoy immediately – do not cellar.  (6.6%)

Just In:  Greater Good “V”

1/6 Bbls Item # 04051  $115.00

This is the little brother, in a bigger can, to our massively smooth and juicy 12% New England IPA (aka “Greylock” IPA). We dialed this Double 5-hopped IPA to 8% ABV and transformed the hop profile to include balanced dank and bittering notes. A hop lovers delight. This carefully constructed brew provides a little more complexity to the foundation of the “juice bomb” style that folks in our New England IPA market have come to expect- tropical, grapefruit, lime, melon notes that come together perfectly in a beautiful orange colored masterpiece. We are a proud Worcester County MA company, so naturally we used our own Cascade hops grown right here in Central Mass- the perfect latitude and climate for this traditional IPA hop. We believe that “8 is the new 5” so this is our perfect session beer!  (8%)

Dogfish Limited Release:  120 Minute IPA!

1/6 Bbls Item # 32031  $225.00

Clocking in at 15-20% ABV, 120 Minute IPA is continuously hopped with a copious amount of high-alpha American hops throughout the boil and whirlpool, and then dry-hopped with another pallet of hops. Unfiltered and abundantly hoppy, it’s the Holy Grail for hopheads!  We brew 120 Minute IPA a few times a year, but it goes fast. If you find some grab a few bottles – some to enjoy and some to age.

New Items April 9, 2018

Just in!   Salute American Vodka

12/750ml #320040  $207.12  (2cs/$28.00 off)

We’re honored to introduce Salute American Vodka—craft vodka with soul. Salute American Vodka supports American heroes through the sale of high-quality, American made craft vodka. The first dollar of every bottle sold is donated directly to organizations that serve veterans and other American heroes in pursuit of an education, career success, and the American dream. The package echoes military canteen-inspired 750ml bottles. Made with corn and wheat grains grown in Rochester, NY. Distilled four times for a thicker pour and smooth, clean, odorless taste. Cheers to our heroes.  

New Year Round Brew from our LOCAL Castle Island Brewery:  American Lager!

4/6 Pack 16 oz Cans Item # 03863  $36.00

1/6 Bbls Item # 03864  $68.00

½ Bbls Item #  03865  $155.00

Whether you’re catching the game, conquering the trail, or walking in the door from your commute home, sometimes you just need a beer. Brewed distinctively for the everyday, this classic American Lager is light and crisp, and will have you reaching for another sip. So kick your feet up, breathe easy, and crack into a can of this liquid bliss.  (5.2%)

New Year Round Brew from Long Trail:  VT IPA!

4/6 Packs Item # 48134  $29.70

Introducing our take on the hazy, hoppy style coming from the Green Mountains. 

Our brewers have been developing this recipe for the past year; playing around with yeast strains and hop combinations in search of a smooth, juicy offering that pleases palates. With VT IPA they found the perfect balance of tropical fruit and citrus flavors through a heavy dry-hopping of Citra and Amarillo hops, which give distinct tangerine, mango, pineapple and grapefruit character. 

The juicy hop profile is complemented by the grist, which features a heavy hand of flaked oats and aromatic Munich malt to deliver a smooth mouthfeel and hazy appearance. What sets this beer apart –aside from the soft bitterness– is the introduction of a new yeast strain that provides the beer with more neutral notes and juicy esters that enhance the hops.  (6%)

New Package from Revolution!  Anti-Hero 19.2oz  Single Serve Cans!

12/19.2 oz Cans Item # 44617  $24.50

An American hop assault for all the ambivalent warriors who get the girl in the end is now available in a 19.2oz can. This iconic ale features a blend of four hop varieties (Citra, Crystal, Centennial, and Chinook) which creates a crisp bitterness and imparts massive floral and citrus aromas.  (6.7%)


Just in:  Ballast Point Mango Even Keel!

4/6 Pack Cans Item # 05634  $33.50  ($4.80 off 3 cases)


The perfect balance of fruit and hops.

Our Mango Even Keel is the ideal beer for easy drinking. This hoppy, session ale gets a flavor boost from mango, which perfectly plays off the citrusy hop bouquet. With fruit, hops, and a low ABV, this beer truly is on another level.

Dogfish Head Dragons & YumYums!

4/6 Packs Item # 32033  $46.50  ($2 off 5 cases, $3 off 10, $4 off 15)

1/6 Bbls Item # 32034  $82.50

½ Bbls Item # 32035  $165.00

An explosion of fruit in every sip, Dragons & YumYums is an intensely tropical - yet subtlety bitter - pale ale brewed with a combination of dragonfruit, yumberry, passionfruit, pear juice and black carrot juice. Clocking in at 6.5% ABV and 25 IBU, Dragons & YumYums is a first-of-its-kind beer and vinyl collaboration with American rock icons, The Flaming Lips.  (6.5%)

Dogfish Limited Release:  120 Minute IPA!

6/4 Packs Item # 32037  $180.00

 Clocking in at 15-20% ABV, 120 Minute IPA is continuously hopped with a copious amount of high-alpha American hops throughout the boil and whirlpool, and then dry-hopped with another pallet of hops. Unfiltered and abundantly hoppy, it’s the Holy Grail for hopheads!  We brew 120 Minute IPA a few times a year, but it goes fast. If you find some grab a few bottles – some to enjoy and some to age.


Dogfish Palo Santo Marron

6/4 Packs Item # 32038  $73.00

 An unfiltered, unfettered, unprecedented brown ale aged in handmade wooden brewing vessels. The caramel and vanilla complexity unique to this beer comes from the exotic Paraguayan Palo Santo wood from which these tanks were crafted. Palo Santo means “holy tree,” and its wood has been used in South American wine-making communities.  (12%)

Dogfish Liquid Truth Serum!

1/6 Bbls Item #  32041  $82.50

½ Bbls Item # 32042  $165.00

You can handle the truth!   MYTH: IBUs (hop bitterness) can only be achieved in the boil. TRUTH: Uh-uh!

The truth is, Dogfish Head has been doing innovative things in the world of hopping since we opened in the mid-90s. From our continual hopping method found in our 60 Minute, 90 Minute and 120 Minute IPAs to our latest innovation of post-boil hop additions found in our Liquid Truth Serum!

Our unique process involving pelletized, powdered, leaf and liquefied hops makes for a blissfully inefficient IPA that’s truthfully hoppy without being deceptively bitter. You’ll find the perfect match of citrusy and tropical notes, making for a zesty finish … honest.  (6.8%)

Sea Quench Ale

1/6 Bbls Item # 32018  $82.50

½ Bbls Item # 32019  $165.00

Three styles blissfully brewed in sequence for a citrusy-tart union, our hybrid sour quencher is brewed with lime peel, black limes & sea salt.  (4.9%)

“…may be the world’s most thirst-slaying beer.” - Men’s Health

Leinenkugel’s Canoe Paddler is in!

4/6 Packs Item # 22416  $28.70

Leinenkugel’s® Canoe Paddler® is a slightly spicy and smooth addition to Leinenkugel’s seasonal portfolio. This Kölsch-style beer is brewed with a touch of rye for a slightly spicy flavor and clean, dry finish. It’s our take on a German classic that’s perfect for winding down and relaxing. (5%)


UPC:  0 34100 58805 2

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